This website is a repository of thought and “brain dumps” that I’ve written and developed over the years.

It’s meant to help record writings, software developed outside of my professinal activities and is meant to be entirely seperate to that of my professional activities.

I mainly work with Python3, Java, Go, JavaScript and to a lesser extent Lisp and Clojure.

All opinions here are my own, etc. you get the idea.

Those interested can view a redacted view of my resume by poking around here. Please don’t contact me about new potential jobs.

Lots of stuff gets sent to my email address linked on the front page. I’m not even sure why I included it, but it’s an unfiltered form of contact. Twitter and various social media is for low value individals and don’t generally particiape in that naval gazing waste of time.

Technical research interests include digial privacy, Unix systems, functional programming, web development, Django, LLVMs.