Suprisingly, there are a handful of other people spread throughout the world with the same first and last name as myself. I’m likely not the most interesting person in that group, but I care enough about being a Software Engineer to write about new learning experiences when possible. That’s why this website exists, to distinguish myself against others who aren’t as vocal and perhaps only close Jira tickets for a living.

My primary development is using JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby. However, turning to new technologies and development stacks is always an interesting process to relate my experience with new ideas. Studying Lisp, Haskell or a new front-end framework is often a distraction in my personal time outside of work.

At my current position as a Software Engineer, I’m constantly working on crazy projects that challenge my comfort area. Stagnating on a plateau for a long period of time is always a worry; something to be avoided at all costs. So, if you’d like to work together, get in contact with me.

In the late 2000s, I finished a BS in CS from the University of Missouri before randomly settling in Chicago and working in several areas of specialization.