I’m a digital minimalist and privacy advocate who avoids most social media at all costs. Please contact me using the email address in the footer, and avoid using LinkedIn or god forbid my place holder Twitter account.

If you send me a LinkedIn social network reqest, I’ll accept it if you’re not a recruiter. I will not use their account chat/contact system.

PGP Keys

Both of the keys below are also available on most keyservers.

PGP key signing policies are hopelessly pedantic and basically unenforcable on the real-world internet. In most cases, I normally only sign keys when I’ve met a person in real life. But in general, ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

5d5f1f0d9a4b3bf975575f126d52d0c1ae72ff48 ECC (ed25519)

This key is only compatible with GnuPG 2.1+. This is my main key, though you may use the older RSA key below if this doesn’t work as expected.


b60d799db95a24dd273c511b110ba2d511f9ac9d RSA (2048)